Heart Will Never Change

by Native Fox

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So your mother tells you she don't like
Who you're with
And your daddy says he knows you lied
About what you did

So they have to act fast
At least that's what they think
Before I get the chance to say goodbye
They send you away
You know that your heart will never change

I've been counting down everyday
Til you come back
Just hoping this time you'll stay
And they will cut you some slack

I can just imagine
The look on your face
As you lie in bed, the thoughts race through your head,
"This is a mistake"
Because you know that your heart will never change

Til I heard that you'd been running up and down town
I felt like a fool to have ever waited around
Still, I wonder if they will ever find out
That you won't stick around

You're never gonna stay and your heart won't change

I wish I could've been there
To see the look on their face
When they see you again and what you're dressed in
They say, "What a waste!"
They should've known that your heart would never change

They just can't believe
It was supposed to work for sure
Throw you into the world, to fix their little girl
But you're worse than before
They should've known that you're heart would never change


released May 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Native Fox Dallas, Texas

Kamaron Black
Liam McCoy
James Naylor
Tristan Wagoner

Psychedelic Pop/Rock

Good ol' Garland boys

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